We know how to get the most out of your lawn's health and vitality by simply cutting it correctly. It's one of the most important tasks and needs to be done with the right frequency and at the right height to maintain a healty lawn.

We only use the best kit, most of our mowers being John Deere but we have a range of mowers to suit all different types of lawn and finishes required, including a striped effect.

On average, we mow twice weekly during summer, reducing to once a week during periods of drought, and again, once a week over spring and autumn.

Should your lawn be in a particularly bad state, it may be that turfing is the best and quickest option to providing you with a presentable and usable solution. We can certainly advise you of our recommendation, should you feel this may be the case and undertake the work if needed but in most cases there are far less drastic ways to improve your lawn areas.

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